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Have you heard? My SECOND book will be released soon!

One week from BOOK LAUNCH DAY-June 21st, 2023!

What better way to bring in the summer season?

My first published book was a co-authored textbook,

Interpersonal and Group Dynamics: A Practical Guide to Building an Effective Team (3rd Edition) currently used in colleges across Canada,

AND NOW, here is my second book--a children's book this time,

which is the first in a series of stories...

Who knows how far this book will go!?

Whether it's a college textbook or a children's book,

a practical life skills approach is always at the forefront!

Hopefully YOU the reader will be motivated and inspired to set some new life goals

after picking up my latest book.

THANK YOU for your support and never-ending cheerleading in my effort to help people of all ages turn over new leaves!

What will YOUR new leaf be?

How will YOU turnover a new leaf?

Want to learn more about my TWO books?

Please click here:

Want to pre-order? get more information?

Contact Daisy at

[Image description:

Title reads Different is Good: Based on a Real Story.

Underneath the title, is the main female cartoon character, brown hair flowing in the wind,

with arms on hips in a confident stance.

On either side of her, are two children, and all four children are looking at the main character with a smile.

The grass is green with a blue background.

Credit notes at the bottom:

By Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

Illustrated by Leland Harris]

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