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Different is Good


Daisy-Mae is different. She doesn’t look the same as her friends and she doesn’t have the same things as her friends. She doesn’t even act like her friends do. Even her family tells her how to look and act. It takes a trip to another country to change her mind about herself. Everyone is different on the inside and outside. And being different is good!


Based on a Real Story

"Different is Good" was written in 2003 as an assignment for a class in the Social Service Worker program at Fanshawe College. The first draft of this book sat in storage for 20 years.


The book tells some of the impactful experiences in the author’s life up until 2003. These experiences still shape her daily interactions—whether it be in the classroom, get togethers with friends, or with strangers that pass in the moment.


"Different is Good" aims to remind the reader that we all have something that will make us "feel different," BUT it is how we embrace that difference that counts. The book presents themes of race, class, gender, ability, bullying, body acceptance, forgiveness, generosity, courage, and bravery.

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