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2021 YNL Announcement

(PHOTO NOTE: Photo was taken in Fall 2020 following COVID safety protocols+negative COVID tests. Masks were only taken off for the photo.)

Here it is! It's been a long time coming.... Marcia and I have officially joined forces (and have been working on things for this announcement since May 2020-Oct 2020!) Actually, we've been working together since 2015, but Marcia was always behind the scenes helping me make my ideas/visions come to life for YNL. Many people would 'hear about Marcia' and they often referred to her as the "YNL Polkaroo". Marcia edits/reviews all my presentations and work, she designed the YNL logo, promo materials, and built TWO different websites for me (one being, she negotiates contracts, and does so much more--literally, YNL would not be what it is if it weren't for Marcia! I've always asked her to be partner and here we are 5 years later (...and decades later as we went to elementary+high school together!) WE HAVE QUITE A FEW UPDATES ROLLING OUT OVER THE COMING WEEKS, so please CHECK BACK AGAIN. MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS POSTED EACH DAY THIS WEEK. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT OF "YOUR NEW LEAF!" Read more about these updates here:

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