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Wednesday Wisdom: Remembering the Significance of April 12th, 1980 and Cancer Research Contributions

"On April 12th, 1980 – St John’s, Newfoundland:

Terry dips his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean and begins his odyssey. He runs an average of 42 kilometres a day (26 miles) through six provinces."

Check out the rest of Terry's Marathon of Hope timeline posted on the Terry Fox Foundation website:

This week's Wednesday Wisdom blog, article, or book suggestion highlights the book

Forever Terry: A Legacy in Letters released last year:

How has Terry Fox inspired you? What messages from Terry's story can inspire us in 2021?

What will YOUR new leaf be? What will OUR new leaf be?

On a more personal note and as a two-time cancer survivor, my first diagnosis being the same type of cancer as Terry Fox--osteogenic sarcoma--AND with a special GMRS endoprosthesis INSIDE my leg...

I am living proof of Terry's dedication so long ago, and the dedication of anyone who has contributed to cancer research since.

I will be forever grateful and inspired,


So, what is the significance of April 12th, 1980? Read more about Terry's contributions to cancer research and the legacy he has left behind.

YNL's Wisdom Wednesday is a weekly feature that highlights inspiring and motivating

blogs, articles, and books.

Book and article suggestions are selected by Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

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