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Wednesday Wisdom: Meet the Author and Check out these Reviews!

It's that time of week again for some Wednesday Wisdom! If you are new to these updates, all you need to know is...

Wednesday Wisdom is a weekly feature that highlights inspiring and motivating

blogs, articles, books. and special authors.

Want to find your next 'life-changing' book?

Want to learn something new?

Want to hear about special 'meet the author' events?

Want a dose of inspiration?

This week I am reminding you about Marcia Allyn Luke's Virtual Book Launch on April 23rd

10am (drop-in via Zoom link throughout the day).

Marcia will be available to answer your questions about her writing and publishing journey....

or YOU can ask her a question about a PROJECT OF YOUR OWN (nonfiction, business, travel, memoir, fiction, children's, etc). that you would like to publish! Need some book writing advice? Talk to Marcia!

Check out the book reviews of her second book Letters to My Hypothetical Children: Life Lessons, Making Mistakes, & Keeping it Real available on Amazon this Friday!

Book and article suggestions are selected by Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

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