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Wednesday Wisdom: In Honour of International Women's Week

This week's Wednesday Wisdom blog, article, or book suggestion highlights my business partner and writer, Marcia Allyn Luke's recent blog post "A Tribe Called..."

I think many of us can relate to what she has written here.

I especially like these parts that Marcia has left us to consider...

"What would you call your tribe? How does your tribe make you feel? If you could get together with your tribe right now, what would you be doing?"

I'm raising a cup to MY tribe and reminding US to...

"Celebrate who we are, what we stand for, and spend time together. Because that’s what matters the most. Time spent." whatever way WE can these days.

What will YOUR new leaf be? WHO will be a new member of YOUR tribe? HOW will YOU 'turn over your newleaf'?

YNL's Wisdom Wednesday is a weekly feature that highlights inspiring and motivating

blogs, articles, and books.

Book and article suggestions are selected by Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

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