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Wisdom Wednesday: A Great Book Written By TWO Local Authors!

Updated: May 6, 2021

"When Christen Shepherd adopted four children from foster care she dove into the treacherous waters of raising traumatized children. Because of mammoth tantrums, explosive rages, destroyed rooms, and unending grief, the Shepherds enlisted the help of a Child and Youth counselor, Lisa Highfield.

The Promise is a raw and compelling memoir. It offers insight into the behaviours of adopted and foster children and gives hope to struggling families. It is a must-read for adoptive parents who are at a loss after bringing wounded children into the family."

Click here to learn more about Christen:

Click here to learn more about Lisa:

YNL's Wisdom Wednesday is a weekly feature that highlights inspiring and motivating

blogs, articles, books. and features local authors.

Book and article suggestions are selected by Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

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