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THURSDAY THANK YOU: What a great workshop last night!

THANK YOU to ALL our special participants who took part in

"Having More Inclusive Conversations: Starting with ASL" brought to us by special guest facilitator, Nicole Pitt.

We had 20 people register for our WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY event last night and had people login from various parts of Ontario and the United States! WOW! We even had a few young kids learn how to do sign language and families join!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Nicole who taught so much in an hour...and who will be returning for our other signature event, Stop N' Sip Saturday THIS Saturday May 1st 10am-11am!

Nicole has another special message for you....

"Hello, I want to thank you for joining us for Workshop Wednesday. Please continue your exploration of Sign Language. Join us again this Saturday as we discuss some of the myths surrounding Sign Language and Deaf culture. Thank you so much!"

Missed Wednesday's event? Join us for Stop N' Sip Saturday for a sneak peek!

When you book, an email will be sent to you with the link and a video we will discuss!

So, let's take a moment Saturday morning, pour a hot beverage, meet online, 'Stop N' Sip' and enjoy another inspiring discussion!

Cost: Free

Format: Online

Questions? Email

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