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THURSDAY THANK our ONLINE YNL supporters! YOU are an important part of the YNL puzzle too!

You know that 'like', comment, social media tag, or shout out you do?

Well, we LOVE it and are grateful for YOU!

(Yes, that was supposed to rhyme!)

For today's post, we just want to say thank you to all the different pieces of Your New Leaf (YNL) that come together to make it what it is.

Psst! Did you also catch that there are eight puzzle pieces in the pic?

Y'know, to go along with the whole premise of YNL's services and service providers based on the eight dimensions of wellness?

...and now you know! :)

THURSDAY THANK YOU is a weekly segment highlighting special guests, volunteers, donors, and community partners, who give their valuable time and support to the Your New Leaf community.

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