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THURSDAY THANK YOU...and a double Throwback Thursday!

Today's special shoutout goes to the dedicated Stop N' Sippers who came out for April's Stop N' Sip Saturday (April 3rd, 2021) and May's Stop N' Sip Saturday (May 1st, 2021).

Prior to COVID, this event would be held in-person, with a variety of activities every first Saturday of the month. We would sample teas at a tea bar, have special guests, discuss interesting articles and topics, win door prizes, and leave with swag bags full of donations from local businesses!.

As you can see, things are a bit different, however, CONNECTING AND NETWORKING WITH OTHERS IS STILL THE SAME! We have always encouraged others to Stop N' Sip and 'slow the hustle'--really take some time to connect with others as part of working on the interpersonal dimension of wellness.

As always, we had engaging conversations about the "6 Myths about Sign Language"(in May) and "What if we changed our thinking from "Time Management" to "Attention Management"? (in April)

Of course other info was shared such as healthy new drinks we would like to try out (in May)...and yes, we even talked about a shared love of poutine (in April)!

...and every session, we open with a virtual 'cheers' to each other (see photos)..

Our next Stop N' Sip Saturday is July 3rd, 2021 10am-11am online. It is a free event--just sign up by booking here: or by emailing

then.... pour a beverage and join us for some enlightening conversation!

Stay tuned for July's topic for discussion!

April 3rd, 2021 Topic:

"6 Myths about Sign Language"

May 1st, 2021 topic:

"What if We Changed Our Thinking from

'Time Management" to "Attention Management'?

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