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THANK YOU "Stop N' Sip" Friends!

Yes, this Skype screenshot pretty much sums up the smiles that appeared on our attendee faces today!

We discussed a wide variety of life tips--which gave us many ideas to put into practice for our 'wellness leaves': intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness dimensions.

BUT who are the faces behind these smiles?

YOU will just have to join us at the next Stop N' Sip Saturday on March 6th 10am-11am to find out!

So many ideas, insights, life tips, and awesomeness gets shared in an hour! WOW!

Thank you for keeping this previously in-person event going in this unique virtual format.

We cannot wait until we can meet in person for SNS once again...as we know many of our previous SNS attendees out there prefer the in-person format, HOWEVER, we will do our best to HAVE FUN with this virtual format. Like today, we "virtually sat under some trees on the bleachers" for our chat.

Where will we sit for our chat next month? :)


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