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Monday Moment: How will YOU take care of your body this week?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

YOU are invited to this week's special monthly event...

WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY (virtual version) February 24th 7-8pm!

Join us for our 'mini-life class' full of relevant theory and practical tools.

Previously, these monthly workshops had a lot more special features, prizes, hands-on learning materials, and freebies (and were $15-30 in person), BUT NOW you can join us for...

FREE in our interactive webinar format!

Marcia Allyn Luke will be facilitating, and special guest Anabel Silva, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Personal Trainer, will be teaching us some easy ways to take care of home...during a pandemic!

Please RSVP here to join us :

*Webinar link will be sent to you prior to event.

Hope to 'see you' there as we examine the physical dimension of wellness:

"Taking Care of Your Body During a Pandemic'!

Learn more about Marcia here:

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