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Monday Moment: How will YOU honour your truth today? How will YOU let your true colours shine?

Happy New Year!

How is it the end of January already?

Well, it's that time for a check in--have YOU been honouring that little voice deep inside?

You know the one...

-the one that is saying "Yes, now is the time to write that book!"

-the one that is saying "Go ahead, tell them the truth and how you really feel!"

-the one that is saying "Yes, you really can make time for that passion or hobby you love!"

You get the point...

How will you turn over YOUR new leaf today?

What will YOUR new leaf be this week?

[Image description:

Three pairs of unique glasses are in the background. One is blue on the bottom left, one is yellow to the middle right, and one is pink on the top left.

Caption reads:

"Be yourself, because an original is always worth more than a copy."

-Suzy Kassem]


Monday Moment is a special segment highlighting

a motivational quote of the week.

This segment is meant to motivate and inspire you to set new goals in your daily life.

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