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Monday Moment: How can YOU love on someone today?

Really, it's that simple.

...and the good you put out there will come back to you in return.

As the quote says below

"The heart that gives, gathers."

Sometimes it's a simple touch or extending a hand during a challenging situation

to show that you care....

Sometimes it's about listening more and speaking less...

Sometimes it's a simple smile, a kind and gentle word, or a long, slow hug.

How can YOU love on the world today?

What will YOUR new leaf be?

How will YOU turn over a new leaf?

What YOU put out there will come back to you in amazing and unexpected ways.

Be ready--it'll come when you least expect it. Notice it!

Helping YOU set those life and career goals, one goal at a time...

...and hoping to make the world a better place in the process.

Image description:

The caption reads "The heart that gives, gathers."-Tao Te Ching

above a picture of various hands coming together in unity.

#reminder #lifelessons #lifeisanecho

Monday Moment is a special segment highlighting

a motivational quote of the week.

This segment is meant to motivate and inspire you to set new goals in your daily life.

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