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Monday Moment: Here's something to think about for today and this week!

We know there is someone out there who needs to see this, so here it is!

Here is YOUR sign.

Hope this quote will help you take the next step towards living a healthier and better life.

Only YOU know what that next step is.

So, what do YOU need to do to get closer to living your best life? A stress-free life? A happier life?

How can YOU become a better version of yourself?

No seriously, how will YOU turn over a new leaf?

What will YOUR new leaf be? Today? This week? This month? This year?

So many questions, but hopefully they are good ones that lead you to positive action.

[Image description:

The word "ALLOW" is shown in blue, red, and yellow block letters in the middle of the image.

At the top, the caption reads:

"What you will allow is what will continue."


Monday Moment is a weekly segment highlighting a special quote of the week.

This segment is meant to motivate and inspire you to set new goals in your daily life.

For more inspirational quotes, please go to:

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