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FYI Friday: Did you know that Your New Leaf (YNL) has FIVE regular workshop facilitators?

YES, we are SO grateful to our facilitators for their dedication over the years!

Each of these people below have contributed in such special ways--from content ideas, to content design and development, to tech support, to ongoing workshops, and sessions with the Your New Leaf (YNL) community!

Each person below offers to help YOU 'turn over a new leaf' and address a particular wellness dimension.

Don't know what the eight dimensions of wellness are? Check this out!

Learn about each facilitator here:

Check out the home page to subscribe or view updates here:

Thank YOU for your support, and thank you to our facilitators for helping us, help others

'turn over new leaves'!

FYI FRIDAY is a weekly segment highlighting fun YNL facts, service updates, upcoming events, or new YNL shop products.

This segment features a variety of Your New Leaf announcements.

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