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FYI Friday: Change in Program Schedule for Your New Leaf (YNL)

It's back-to-school time and that means a change in some of our programs!

Did you know that our core team of facilitators are college professors or provide other services in the community?

As a result, some of our programs change slightly in the fall and winter.

We often take a break from our usual programming during the month of September, so the following services will be on hold or changing slightly for this month:

-Stop N' Sip Saturday (1st of every month) will resume in October

-Workshop Wednesday (last Wednesday of the month) will resume in October

-Money Moments with Don will return in October

-Workout Wednesdays with Anabel will have different hours

You will still see us posting about various topics online and are still holding one-to-one phone or Zoom appointments, but we will be back in full force in October!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Questions? Contact Daisy

FYI FRIDAY is a weekly segment highlighting fun YNL facts, service updates, upcoming events, or new YNL shop products.

This segment features a variety of Your New Leaf announcements.

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