• Daisy-Mae


2021 YNL SERVICE OVERVIEW ANNOUNCEMENT! Welcome to Marcia Allyn Luke, my business partner! https://www.linkedin.com/in/marciaallyn/... WHEN WE ARE NOT WORKING AT OUR MAIN JOBS, (TEACHING+PUBLISHING), WE WILL BE DOING THE FOLLOWING:

MARCIA: -has taken over two monthly events I would normally host: "Workshop (Webinar) Wednesdays" AND "Virtual Stop N' Sip Saturdays" (formerly called Steeped Tea Saturdays)

Marcia and I are now certified Irlen Syndrome Screeners, but only Marcia will be conducting IRLEN SCREENING AND ASSESSMENTS out of the YNL office in London, and will also cover the Clarington region.

DAISY: -Will continue with one-to-one success coaching via phone

We are both currently working on book writing and course development as well, so stay tuned!

SOON WE WILL REVEAL THE 3RD BOX IN THE DIAGRAM BELOW! www.yournewleaf.ca THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONOING SUPPORT! #your_new_leaf #turnoveryournewleaf #ynlannouncements #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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