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2021 Announcement: New Blog Feature on the YNL Website!


Check out....Your New Leaf's Blog Section!

At the link below, you will find a variety of resources such as book suggestions, articles, YouTube videos, and quotes.

Just click this link and you can filter what you would like to see!

Looking for a new book to read? or something shorter to read?

Click on-->Books & Articles

*Fun Fact: Hand picked, read, and completed by Daisy. Sometimes articles written by us (Marcia & Daisy) will be featured.

Want to sit back and watch an educational and inspirational video?

Click on--> Videos

*Fun Fact: Often times, these are videos Daisy uses in the college classes she teaches.

Just need a quick motivational pick-me-up?

Click on--> Quotes

*Fun Fact: Selected by Daisy and created by Marcia.

Want to follow ALL of Your New Leaf’s announcements?

Click on--> Blog.

*Fun Fact: Updated by Daisy.

We hope you enjoy Your New Leaf's Blog section!

Please feel free to send any suggestions for books, articles etc to and we would be happy to share with all of our YNL supporters and followers.

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