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2021 Announcement: New Blog Feature on the YNL Website!


Check out....Your New Leaf's Blog Section!

At the link below, you will find a variety of resources such as book suggestions, articles, YouTube videos, and quotes.


Just click this link and you can filter what you would like to see!

Looking for a new book to read? or something shorter to read?

Click on-->Books & Articles

*Fun Fact: Hand picked, read, and completed by Daisy. Sometimes articles written by us (Marcia & Daisy) will be featured.

Want to sit back and watch an educational and inspirational video?

Click on--> Videos

*Fun Fact: Often times, these are videos Daisy uses in the college classes she teaches.

Just need a quick motivational pick-me-up?

Click on--> Quotes

*Fun Fact: Selected by Daisy and created by Marcia.

Want to follow ALL of Your New Leaf’s announcements?

Click on--> Blog.

*Fun Fact: Updated by Daisy.

We hope you enjoy Your New Leaf's Blog section!

Please feel free to send any suggestions for books, articles etc to daisy@yournewleaf.ca and we would be happy to share with all of our YNL supporters and followers.

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